All's Fair in Love, War, and Gymnastics
Season 1, Episode 8
Air date August 10, 2009
Written by Michael Gans & Richard Register
Directed by Chris Grismer
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Run, Emily, Run
Where's Kaylie?


Emily gets stressed out after Sasha re-choreographs her entire floor routine for Nationals and has only 4 days to perfect it. Meanwhile, her mother, Chloe has to borrow money from an ex-boyfriend, Joe to ease the family's financial problems.

Payson's back injury flares up which makes her worries about it ruining her chances of winning Nationals. The Rock's top male gymnast, Nick offers Payson a cortisone shot without her mother or Sasha finding out, but the shot costs $100. Payson gets the money by lying to her mother, saying she needs to buy a new dress for the Cruz family's pre-Nationals party.

Meanwhile, Kaylie finds it hard to forgive her mother for having an affair with Marty. Lauren has a hard time accepting Summer to being engaged to her father. When Summer wants to be friends with Lauren, Lauren pushes her away. In order to prove she's on her dad's side, Summer leaves her relationship with Steve and her assistant job.

Lauren intentially hides Carter's phone (which has the picture of him and Kaylie kissing) in the house for Kaylie's dad, Alex to find and when Alex finds out, he blows up at Kaylee. When Carter comes to Kaylee's defense, the situation escalates into a fistfight. Carter is thrown out of the party and Lauren runs after him, saying she loves him, but Carter tells her he'll never be with her again.

After Chloe drinks too much, she leans on Sasha for comfort, telling him how she had to borrow money from her "scary" ex-boyfriend, Joe. Sasha tells her if Joe comes near her, he'll have to answer to him. After Sasha leaves, the phone rings Joe is right outside the door.

Emily confronts Damon at the Shack about him showing up at the Rock and the Cruzes' party. Damon tells Emily that she's upset because she found someone who understands her, but she can't be with him. Damon announces to her that he has sold a couple of songs to a band and is leaving for Los Angeles.

The episode ends with Lauren showing up at Summer's door in tears and Summer comforts her.

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