All That Glitters
Season 1, Episode 10
Air date August 24, 2009
Written by Patrick Norris
Directed by Holly Sorenson
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Where's Kaylie?
The Eleventh Hour


The girls arrive at the National Gymnastics Championship in Boston and everything that they have worked for is put to the test.

Emily doesn't do so well in the 1st round and has to make up for it in the 2nd round when Damon uses Radiohead's tour bus to get Brian & himself to the meet. After realizing that Steve threatened Lauren's mom to stay out of Lauren's life, Summer breaks up with him, but stays by Lauren's side and supports her.

Payson discovers that Kelly Parker uses drugs to help her performance which causes her to throw away her dose of cortisone and works through the pain. During her final routine on the bar, Payson slips, falls, and loses consciousness. When she wakes up in the hospital, Payson's parents tell her that she has a lumbar sacral fracture and any more gymnastics would leave her paralyzed which disappoints Payson. shout out to sac high

Carter arrives at Nationals and Kaylie returns the necklace he gave her, saying she loves him, but it's over. Kaylie also gives back the jewerly her dad gave her, saying that she needs to follow her own dreams and needs him to be her dad, not her manager.

In the end, Kaylie wins the gold medal at Nationals with Kelly Parker winning silver. Lauren comes in 4th place, earning a spot on the Nationals team and Emily comes in 12th place, also making her a member of the Nationals team. After Nationals, Leo tells Emily that he's moving back to Boulder and Damon starts having doubts about leaving Emily alone when he goes to Los Angeles, but Emily reassures Damon with a kiss.

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