Between a Rock and a Hard Place
Season 1, Episode 6
Denver Invitational
Sasha speaks to the girls before the invitational
Air date July 27th, 2009
Written by Doug Stockstill
Directed by Michael W. Watkins
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Like Mother, Like Daughter, Like Supermodel
Run, Emily, Run

The Rock girls prepare themselves for Nationals, with an invitational with Denver Elite. Payson is determined, but an old injury flares up. Emily wants to show everyone what she can do, but Sasha wants her to hold back.


To help the girls get ready for Nationals, Sasha arranges a meet with Denver Elite, a rival team. The pressure is on for the girls to beat the denver team, but there's outside drama to distract them. Lauren wants Carter to dump Kaylie, or she will tell Kaylie about how they had sex at the party. Lauren also tries to convince her dad, Steve, that he shouldn't marry Summer, his young girlfriend. Meanwhile, Payson's back injury flares up and she wants to take another Cortisone shot before the invitational so she can train without being in pain. Her mother refuses the shot, saying she already had one just a few months prior.

Sasha confronts Carter about his relationship with Kaylie(though he doesn't know it's with Kaylie), or he will "end" his gymnastics career. Kaylie finds out about her mother's affair with Marty, and says that she should come clean to the rest of the family. Ronnie says that Kaylie should tell her father about her and Carter. Carter gives Kaylie his mother's necklace as a symbol of their love, and tells her that she is all that matters to him.

The day of the meet, Lauren messes up a simple move in her uneven bars routine. Emily tries to make up for it by adding in a difficult move - - against Sasha's wishes. Emily messes up, and Sasha's mad that she went against his wishes and tells her that she won't be going to Nationals with The Rock team. Payson, having gotten her mother's permission for the Cortisone shot, won an individual medal over rival Kelly Parker.

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