Blowing Off Steam
Season 1, Episode 3
Payson asks Sasha to stay
Payson asks Sasha to stay and coach The Rock
Air date July 6th, 2009
Written by Michael Gans
Richard Register
Directed by Steve Miner
Episode guide
Where's Marty?
Sunday, Bloody Sasha, Sunday
The girls continue on training at The Rock without a coach. Kaylie's Dad is filling as a leader, and getting on Kaylie's nerves. Everyone is surprised when Lauren shows up with her father and a new coach, Sasha Belov. Sasha tells them that he is going implement a strict workout routine. Emily, Payson, and Kaylie go to Spruce Juice and are given a flyer for "Blast Off," a high school party. Kaylie wants to go, but Payson doesn't want to and Emily agrees to go with her. Payson eventually agrees too. Lauren goes to a birthday dinner with her dad, and is surprised to find that Summer has been invited along as well. She gets mad and storms out on Summer while her dad is getting her a surprise cake. Lauren shows up at the party after Kaylie and Carter have gotten into a fight, and she keeps him company and ends up having sex with him. Carter regrets this and hastily leaves, forgetting his phone which Lauren finds when Kaylie sends him a message apologizing for the fight.

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