California Girls
Season 1, Episode 13
Air date January 18, 2010
Written by Doug Stockstill & Holly Sorenson
Directed by David Paymer
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Payson holds onto the belief that she'll make a comeback to gymnastics, but Kim and Sasha fear she's setting herself up for disappointment.

Kaylie and Nicky are invited to an A-list pool party in Los Angeles. She invites Emily and Payson to come along, but not Lauren. Emily is ecstatic because she'll get to see Damon and thanks to a few springs pulled by Nicky's father, Payson has an appointment to see the top leading back surgeon in the country.

As the girls arrive in Los Angeles, they're surprised to see Lauren there as well as Nicky's guest, only because Lauren threatened to tell everyone about the cortisone if Nicky didn't bring her along. Later that night, when Lauren sees paparazzi arriving at the after-party where Kaylie is, she beats them there and gets Kaylie out of there because if she were in the photographs, it would've been really bad for her reputation.

Kaylie thanks Lauren for what she did and Lauren apologizes for sleeping with Carter. Kaylie forgives Lauren and they rekindle their friendship, but under the condition that Lauren will have nothing to with Carter anymore. But little does Kaylie know is that Carter has been sleeping in Lauren's attic after his father kicked him out for returning to the Rock. He was only supposed to stay for the weekend, but when Lauren returns to Colorado, she tells him he can stay, but Kaylie cannot know anything about it.

Meanwhile in Boulder, Chloe and Steve end up on an accidental blind date after meeting through an online dating service. At first they don't get along, but in the end, they have a nice time.

Back in Los Angeles, Emily and Damon share a romantic night together. Emily is prepared to celebrate the record deal that Damon had signed, but Damon reveals that it fell through and then explains that he backed out of the deal because a girl pop band wants to record one of his songs. After Emily gives him a pep talk, Damon decides to sign the deal.

After the party, Nicky wishes Payson good luck at her doctor's appointment and Payson says it'll be one of the biggest days of her life and Nicky surprises her with a kiss. The next day, Payson and Kim await for the doctor's news, but the doctor gives her devastating news that he agrees with her doctor in Boston that Payson's back injury is inoperable.

Payson's spirit is crushed by the news. When Payson and Kim come home, Mark welcomes them with a comforting hug, but Payson goes into her room. Kim tells Mark that Payson let herself hope only to be let down. Payson cries in her bed when Nicky calls, but she doesn't feel like answering the phone.