Emily Kmetko Chloe is the mother of Emily and Brian. She has many financial struggles, at one point calling an ex-boyfriend she vowed never to talk to again in order to fund Emily's requirements for Nationals. She cares for both of her kids, and does whatever she can to try and get them what they want. Chloe works at a salon. She is eccentric and energetic, and often reveals information that she shouldn't about her children to Sasha and Damon. Chloe has a crush on Sasha, the coach at Emily's gymnastics club. After setting up a date with a man she meets online, she finds out it is Lauren's father, and the two begin secretly dating. Eventually, Emily and Lauren find out and this causes a rift between the two. She is seeing Steve Tanner, Lauren's dad.
Like Mother, Like Daughter, Like Supermodel

Showing Emily her new outfit fir the fashion show

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