Kaylie Cruz is the daughter of Alex and Ronnie Cruz and the national champion of The Rocky Mountain Gymnastics Training Center ("The Rock"), 

Her mother Ronnie Cruz is a former singer and her father Alex Cruz is a former baseball player. She has an elder brother named Leo who was a gymnast.

She used to go out with Carter Anderson, but broke up with him after discovering he slept with her best friend, Lauren Tanner. 

During the Nationals, Kaylie defeated Kelly Parker to become national champion. She later developed anorexia and during the tests for the World Team, she fainted during her routine on the beam that sent her to the hospital. Kaylie asks to return to the team provided that she is medically judged by a doctor to compete. 

Kaylie finds herself in rehab for her anorexia where she has a friendship with a model named Maeve who teaches her to "play" to get out of rehab. Despite all her attempts, her parents refuse to let Kaylee return to gym training and Kaylie refuses to admit she has an eating disorder, but after Maeve dies of heart failure due to anorexia, She finally admits that she needs help. 

The team ended up winning Gold at Worlds and Kaylie began to go out with Austin Tucker, but in the third season Austin was eliminated from the men's Olympic team and attacked by a movement that Kaylie suggested and blamed Kaylie for not Successfully completing her relationship, but After Kaylie's drug test turns out to be positive and she eventually gets eliminated from the women's Olympic team, Austin comforts her and begins to reconcile herself. 

In the end, it is said that Wendy Capshaw was expelled from the women's Olympic team for having drugged Kaylie who will give Kaylie a place in the Olympic team.



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Kaylie broke the rule by declaring that no gymnast has the right to have a boyfriend in dating with his groomer Carter Anderson. Her friend Lauren Tanner slept with Carter at a kegger in the episode "Blowing Off Steam". The truth appears in the episode "Where is Kaylie?"

Kaylie was angry at Carter and Lauren. When Summer Van Horne told Sasha that Carter was meeting with a Rock girl, Sasha expelled him from the gym. Carter, even when Sasha asks her, does not say with whom was the girl with whom he had relations.

After Kaylie's victory at the Nationals, she and male silver medalist Nicky Russo were placed together for advertising purposes. At first they did not get along because Nicky thought she was a little girl who came out of nowhere to get the gold medal and Kaylie thought Nicky was arrogant and mean. However, the two put aside their differences.

After that, Nicky was transferred from the Rocky Mountain Gymnastics Club (otherwise called The Rock) to the Denver Elite Gymnasts Club (where Kelly Parker trains) because he wanted to get away from the drama of The Rock.

Kaylie decides to swear the boys and concentrate solely on gymnastics, but in season 2 she meets Austin Tucker, a gymnast who won a gold medal at the 2008 Olympics. Austin worries about Kaylie and remarks She does not eat. Austin's little sister went through an eating disorder, so he tries to help Kaylie.

When Kaylie collapses during the ordeal of the worlds, Austin catches it before falling from the beam and one sees the hand in the hospital. Austin also hit Damon, Emily's boyfriend.

She falls in love with Austin Tucker and finishes trololo her encounters. During his encounter, Kaylie tries to help Austin with his floor routine to survive the last cuts to enter the world team heading for the Olympics.

To show his support, she gives him a good page of his newspapers. While helping, Kaylie shows his opinion for his floor routine and Austin takes his advice by turning it into something easier for him.

After his departure, Austin meets with Kaylie believing he made the final cuts by claiming that they did not even want to see his rings routine. Austin discovers that he does not make the team and blames Kaylie for distracting him and that he stops his dreams of going to the Olympics for another gold.
After she was told that she was disqualified from the pills Wendy put on, Kaylie was making her bag, but Austin apologized because he had managed to react and was ashamed. Before the end of the series, Kaylie and Austin are reconciled.

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