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Kaylie Cruz is the daughter of Alex and Ronnie Cruz and the National Champion from The Rocky Mountain Gymnastics Training Center ("The Rock")

Kaylie initially has a somewhat unhappy home life when the series starts. Her mother Ronnie Cruz is a former singer who ignores her daughter for another chance to start up her career again. Her father is a former baseball player who is also Kaylie's manager. Her father was at first very hard on Kaylie and her gymnastics but loosens up after she confronts him about it. 

Kaylie wins gold after discovering within herself the power to say no. She refuses Carter's attempts to reconcile after she tells him that he is dumb and a jerk. She finds within herself the passion necessary to win.

Season two finds Kaylie in a seemingly better place, but unrecovered emotionally from season one's betrayals.

Kaylie forgives, but she never forgets. She resents Lauren Tanner, her former best friend for her and Carter's betrayal. She continues to do everything in her power to try to bring her friends back together, including demanding they promise her to swear off boys to focus on gymnastics. She distances herself from Carter after finding out he has officially chosen to be with Lauren, then from the rest of the young women at the school, being National Champion becomes the center of her existence.

Kaylie remains mainly single and fiercely committed to her gymnastics during the course of season two. She is linked in the press with Nicky Russo, the silver medalist, but for a long time remains mere platonic friends with him. Part of her motivation for this stems from her unwillingness to do to Payson, now severely injured and at loose ends in her life, what Lauren did to her. Payson has a crush on Nick, which culminates in nothing but one kiss. Kaylie kisses Nick once as well, right as he is about to leave the Rock to escape the "drama."

Newcomer to The Rock, Austin Tucker begins as a thorn in Kaylie's side, but he eventually falls in love with her. Kaylie's parents file for divorce, but agree to Kaylie's plea for them to try to stay together for six more months.

Kaylie, however, remains so obsessed with winning at the World competition that she loses a significant amount of weight in order to add a 'Double Arabian' to her routine. Genghi Cho, the Chinese champion, utilizes this move as her signature. Kaylie is so intent on beating Genghi Cho that she develops anorexia and brutalizes her body in order to do a move Sasha warns her is risky and unnecessary to win.

Austin, aware of the symptoms of the disease and the problems associated with it from his younger sister's troubles, picks up on Kaylie's issue far sooner than most everyone else in her life does. Kaylie refuses his attempts to help her, even going so far as to strap extra weights onto her legs when he demands a weigh-in.

Kaylie's self-destructive actions culminate in her dramatic faint from the beam during World Trials before the National Committee on gymnastics. Luckily, Austin sees that Kaylie is about to fall, and he reaches her in time to catch her. He is right there at her bedside when she wakes up in the hospital hours later. She surprises everyone, but there is still a spot on the Worlds Team for her if she wants it because of her position as National Champion. kaylie Leo Cruz Kaylie's older brother.


MakeIt BreakIt4
Kaylie broke the rule stating that no gymnast is allowed to have a boyfriend by dating fellow gymnast Carter Anderson. Her friend Lauren Tanner slept with Carter at a kegger in the episode Blowing Off Steam. The truth comes out in the episode Where's Kaylie? Kaylie then was mad at both Carter and Lauren. When Summer Van Horne tells Sasha that Carter was dating one of the Rock girls, Sasha expels him from the gym. Carter, even when Sasha asks him, does not say who the girl was whom he had a relationship with.

After Kaylie's win at Nationals, she and the Men's Silver Medalist, Nicky Russo were placed together for advertising purposes. At first, they did not get along because Nicky thought she was a brat who came out of nowhere to get the gold medal and Kaylie thought Nicky was arrogant and mean. However, the two put aside their differences. After this, Nicky transferred out of the Rocky Mountain Gymnastics Club (otherwise known as The Rock) to the Denver Elite Gymnasts Club (where Kelly Parker trains) because he wanted to get away from the drama at The Rock.

Kaylie decides to swear off boys and focus solely on gymnastics, however in Season 2, she meets Austin Tucker, a gymnast who won a Gold medal at the 2008 Olympics. Austin cares about Kaylie and notices she is not eating. Austin's little sister went through an eating disorder so he tries to help Kaylie. When Kaylie collapses at the Worlds' tryout, Austin catches her before she falls off the beam and is seen holding her hand at the hospital. Austin has also punched Damon, Emily's boyfriend.

She falls in love with Austin Tucker and they end up dating. While dating, Kaylie tries to help Austin with his floor routine to survive the last cuts to get onto the World's Team that is headed for the Olympics. To show her support, she gives him a page from her diaries as good luck. While helping out, Kaylie shows her opinion for his floor routine and Austin takes her advice by changing it to something easier for him. After going his turn, Austin meets with Kaylie believing that he made the finals cuts claiming that they didn't even want to see his rings routine. Austin then finds out he doesn't make the team and blames Kaylie for distracting him and ruining his dreams of going to the Olympics for another gold. Kaylie goes to his room to see if he's still there, but sees that he is already gone and on his bed is a box that is supposed to be sent to Kaylie. Inside of the box, is the frame with her diary entry. This marks the end of their relationship.

After she was told she got disqualified from the pills Wendy put, she was packing her bag then Austin apologized because he overreacted and felt ashamed. Before the end, Kaylie and Austin become friends  BUT they are only friends at the end because they hud like very good friends.

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