Like Mother, Like Daughter, Like Supermodel
Season 1, Episode 5
Like Mother, Like Daughter, Like Supermodel
Chloe comes up with an idea with something for Emily to wear after her dress is stolen by Lauren
Air date July 20th, 2009
Written by Amy Turner
Directed by David Paymer
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Between a Rock and a Hard Place

To Raise money for Nationals the gymnasts and their moms have a fashion show. While Payson hates the idea of goofing off, the other girl's love it. But with the runway comes cat fights.


As a way to raise money for the trip to Boston for Nationals, the gym moms come up for an idea to have a Mother/Daughter Fashion Show. Payson hates the idea, she feels they are "goofing off," the rest of the girls love the idea and are excited for it. Kaylie and Lauren both love it because they can use it as a way to impress Carter. Payson is scared to do the fashion show because she feels she isn't feminine enough, but Sasha wants her to do it so she can be more confident about herself and her appearance. Emily is too busy juggling training and her job at the Pizza Shack to even think about the Fashion show.

At The Rock, Summer sees Lauren kissing Carter and asks Steve if he's ever had "the talk" with Lauren. He hasn't, and Summer decides to take it upon herself to talk with Lauren about boys. Summer reveals that she wasn't always a "good girl," and that she was called "Biggest Flirt" in High School but the boys called her more than that.

During the fashion show, Lauren gets jealous when she sees Carter's reaction to Kaylie's strut on the catwalk and decides to one up her--by stealing Emily's "sexy dress." Despite Summer trying to talk her out of it, Lauren struts down the catwalk in the stolen dress. Chloe tells Emily to wear Lauren's original outfit--a business suit, Emily refuses. Chloe then tells her daughter to think Sex and the City's Carrie Bradshaw. Emily rocks the outfit and struts her stuff down the runway, earning the highest bid - - from Damon.

That night, Carter sneaks in to Kaylie's room to have sex, but before they can do anything Kaylie's mom comes in prompting Carter to hide in the closet. Kaylie and Ronnie have a heart-to-heart mother-daughter talk about sex, and relationships, and Ronnie says that Kaylie should think about things before she makes her decisions. She leaves, and Carter comes out of hiding he tells Kaylie that they should wait.

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