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Payson Keeler (Ayla Kell) is the top female gymnast at The Rock and is noted as one of the top-ranked female gymnasts in the nation.

Payson is shown to be driven & dedicated to gymnastics. After her coach, Marty Walsh, leaves the Rock, she feels upset & betrayed, but she later approves of The Rock's new coach Sasha Belov.

During Nationals, Payson suffers a lumbosacral injury during her uneven bars routine which is believed to be a career-ending injury. Crushed that her gymnastics career might be over, Payson enrolls in regular school where she struggles to adapt & falls in with a group of slackers.

Later on, Payson's parents learn about an experimental surgery which could allow Payson to compete in gymnastics again.but it takes a while till paysons mom says YES! Payson ends up undergoing the surgery and makes a full recovery, but her body has changed in ways which make her original power-oriented style of gymnastics difficult for her to do, but with the help of Sasha, Payson develops a more artistic style of gymnastics.

Payson makes the World's team and during her training, she develops a crush on Sasha and at one point, she impulsively kisses him, but Sasha pushes her away. Payson apologizes to Sasha for her mistake, but a tape of the kiss (which was edited to remove Sasha's refusal of Payson's advances) gets sent to the National Committee which results in Sasha retiring. Sasha later returns & everything appears to be well between them.

During Worlds, Payson falls on her ankle, but is able to do her last vault flawlessly and stuck the landing on one foot. At the end of the series, it's revealed that she made the women's Olympic team.


  • Becca Keeler her little sister
  • Kim Keeler her Mom
  • Mark Keeler her Dad


Payson's best friends are Lauren, Kaylie, and Emily as they have been training at The Rock for 2 years and plan on going to the Olympics together. She dated 1 boy, Max. Max ended up being bisexual before she met Rigo and lost her virginity to him.

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