Season 1, Episode 1
Emily (Pilot)
Emily, after her accident on vault
Air date June 22, 2009
Written by Holly Sorensen
Directed by Steve Miner
Episode guide
Where's Marty?
Emily Kmetko, a young gymnast with dreams of Olympic gold, arrives at The Rock after being discovered at a Fresno Y. Lauren Tanner, a gymnast training at the work, already hates Emily because she threatens her chance at becoming on of the top 3. Emily does really well in competition, jealous Lauren changes Emily's vault numbers causing her to fall. She is brought into the coach's office while they wait for an ambulance.

Chloe, her mother, talks with her and Emily is inspired to try again. She goes to the competition floor just as they are announcing final scores and says she wants another shot. After deducing that she is okay to compete, she sets up her own vault and lands a spot in the top 3. Lauren is extremely jealous, and tells her dad, Steve, that she wants Emily gone from the gym. Steve tries to get Marty, their coach, to kick Emily out. Marty won't do this, and Steve blackmails him into leaving the gym with Lauren and the gyms other "top guns" in town.

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