Run, Emily, Run
Season 1, Episode 7
Kaylie, Lauren, and Payson
Kaylie, Lauren, and Payson listen as Sasha explains MJ's profile plan
Air date August 03, 2009
Written by Fred Gerber
Directed by Kerry Lenhart
John J. Sakmar
Episode guide
Between a Rock and a Hard Place
All's Fair In Love, War and Gymnastics
The Rock is preparing for Nationals, and the pressure is on. Meanwhile, Emily has to deal with the consequences of her actions. Payson's dad loses his job, and the Keelers have to decide if they should move.


After the invitational The Rock hosted, tensions in the gym are high. M.J., a sports agent, comes to the gym to scout out new clients for Nationals. Lauren is more than pleased with Sasha's displeasure with Emily's performance at the invitational, and even moreso elated when he kicks Emily out of the gym in front of everyone.

Meanwhile, Kaylie is distraught over losing the necklace Carter gave her, not know that Lauren stole it out of jealousy. Summer sees Lauren wearing it around the house, and the next sees Kaylie crying over losing it. She realizes that the necklace Kaylie describes is the one Lauren was wearing. Summer confronts Lauren about this, and she decides to give it back, saying she found it under the mats.

Payson finds out that her father was laid off when she sees him delivering beer to the Pizza Shack while visiting Emily. The family is upset that he hid this from them, and he says he can get his old job in Minnesota back, meaning he would be away from home most of the time. Payson decides to get M.J. to represent her so she can give her endorsement money to her parents to pay bills, and such. Her parents refuse, as it would make Payson ineligible NCAA eliminating her chances at scholarships.

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