Where's Marty?
Season 1, Episode 2
Payson confronts Marty
Payson confronts Marty and demands he sign Emily's paperwork
Air date June 29, 2009
Written by Holly Sorensen
Directed by Steve Miner
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Blowing Off Steam
Coach Marty's exit, along with Lauren and their 5th through 7th place gymnasts, causes chaos at The Rock. Prompting Payson, Kaylie, and Emily (Becca tags along) to go to Denver to confront Marty about the decision to move. Emily is worried about her scholarship and needs someone to sign it, she brings her papers with her to Denver and Payson has Marty sign them stating that Emily deserves it. All this is happening at the same time as a gym meeting at the Cruz's mansion is occuring. Ronnie doesn't make Chloe feel very welcome, and Chloe discovers that Ronnie was a pop star back-in-the-day.

Meanwhile, Lauren is not pleased with her less-than-warm welcoming at Denver Elite and starting to regret her decision to leave her friends at The Rock. She is also not too happy about her discovery concerning Summer, her father's "Executive Assistant."